Communities Caring For Children

The Communities Caring for Children (CCC) Program was started in 1991 because:

  • Only 61% of the 2-year-old children in the region were fully immunized.
  • Only 17% of all children ages birth to 5-years-old received well-child exams.
  • One-fourth of the pregnant women did not receive prenatal care in the first trimester.

Better access to these preventive care services was essential to ensure the health of mothers and children in northwestern Minnesota.

The CCC Program

CCC is a unique community outreach program that promotes immunizations, well-child care, and early prenatal care. The program uses posters, articles, letters, and other methods to invite all pregnant women and families with young children to enroll. There is no cost to participate in CCC.

  • Families have access to newsletters containing information on child growth and development, safety, community resources, and the importance of immunizations and well-child exams.
  • Pregnant women receive three newsletters – one each trimester – with information on pregnancy, medical care, healthy lifestyles, and growth of the baby.
  • CCC works with a local civic organizations and community groups to continuously promote the importance of early and continuous prenatal care, immunizations, and well-child exams.

With changes in health insurance, multiple sources of medical care, and high levels of family mobility, keeping immunization records accurate and up-to-date can be a challenge for parents, clinics, and schools. To help meet this challenge, CCC maintains an immunization registry. These immunizations are now a part of the MIIC Minnesota Immunization Information Connection.

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