Blood Sugar

To our clients:

In order to give you the best care possible, our nurses follow these guidelines for your blood sugar:

*Normal blood sugar is approximately 80-110

Any blood sugar reading that we feel is unusual, we will refer you to your doctor.

If we refer you to your doctor, we will follow-up with you to find out the results of your doctor visit.


  1. A family history of diabetes
  2. Obesity
  3. Race (American Indian, Hispanic, Black or Asian)
  4. Age 45 plus any other factors
  5. Previous high blood sugar
  6. Hypertension or high cholesterol
  7. History of delivering babies 9 lbs. or more


Diabetes is:  Lack of insulin or poor use of insulin resulting in high blood sugar.  Normal blood sugar is approximately 80-110.

HIGH BLOOD SUGAR                                                   LOW BLOOD SUGAR

Things that raise blood sugar:                                        Things that lower blood sugar:

1)     Food                                                                      1)  Oral Diabetes Pills
2)     Stress or Inactivity                                                  2)  Insulin
3)     Illness                                                                    3)  Exercise

If blood sugar is high, you could experience:          If blood sugar is low, you could  experience:

1)     Frequent urination                                                  1)  Shakiness
2)     Increased thirst                                                      2)  Sweating
3)     Tiredness                                                               3)  Weakness
4)     Blurred vision

If blood sugar if over 200:                                             If blood sugar is low:

1)     Check blood sugar at least every 4hrs.               (less than 60, or 60-100 with symptoms)
2)     Follow you meal plan.                                           1)  Quickly eat simple sugar:
3)     Follow exercise guidelines.                                          * 3 glucose tablets
4)     Call doctor if blood sugar is over target number            * ½ cup fruit juice
        (more insulin or oral pills may be needed)                    * ½ cup regular pop
                                                                                        * chew 7-8 lifesavers
                                                                                  2)  Follow with a meal or snack.
                                                                                  3)  Call doctor if blood sugar is under 60 more
                                                                                         than twice a week.

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