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1. There is only one birthdate on the license if the person is over 18 and two birthdates on the license if the person is under 18.
2. Everyday in the United States:
3. Nicotine poisoning in electronic cigarettes can happen in which way?
4. Both employees and employers face fines if the law is broken by selling tobacco products to minors.
5. Proof of age for purchasing tobacco products may be established only by which of the following:
6. Teens who use electronic cigarettes are more likely to start smoking regular cigarettes.
7. Store owners can discipline or fire employees who violate federal rules when selling tobacco products including electronic cigarettes to minors.
8. Today's newer markets include electronic cigarettes and candy flavored juices targeted at adults.
9. How do teens manage to buy tobacco products?
10. You should accept Tribal ID’s for tobacco purchases, but you will have to check the date of birth to figure out if the customer is at least 18 years old.
11. Always check for an ID before handing over the tobacco product.
12. An individual cannot use a valid passport issued by the United States to purchase tobacco.
13. If we can keep kids tobacco-free until age 18, most will never start.
14. If a customer takes the tobacco product from the clerk, leaves money and runs away, do not ring up the sale.  Treat it as a theft and report the incident.
15. When checking an ID, which is correct?
16. Federal Law requires you to check an ID on anyone who appears to be under
The age of _____________before selling them any tobacco products.
17. Clerks are the 2nd line of enforcement in preventing youth access to tobacco products.
18. If there are repeat violations of selling tobacco products to individuals under the age of 18, the FDA could also stop the store from being able to sell tobacco products.

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